IT innovation that transforms your business is incredibly

SBA drastically simplifies your IT operations by building modern hybrid environments that are purpose fit for ever-growing data and AI workloads. This way you can make the most of your data, without the burden of managing your infrastructure or building AI solutions end to end. Our modular approach, 30 years of extensive domain expertise and investments in AI and security makes us a perfect partner for your one platform, one partner vision.

Simplified Solutions

Identifying the right solution is the key for growing in complexity and the successful implementation.

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Hybrid & Multi-Cloud, Public Cloud, BCP

Data Center & Cloud Solutions

We, at SBA Info Solutions, offer a comprehensive suite of modern data center infrastructure solutions to support any application and infrastructure while covering stringent security policies.

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Endpoint, Network, Cloud, MFA, IAM

Managed Security Services

SBA Info experts design security strategies with multiple layers of protection which span your data, network, endpoints, vulnerability assessment & management, monitoring, and analysis.

Dev-Ops and Automation
Atlassian; Jira

DevOps, Automation

At SBA we help you reimagine your IT infrastructure to meet your business’s increasing demands - all while ensuring the highest levels of security.

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The go-to technology for enterprises

Super Computing

With the advent of public cloud services, for organizations that embrace these services, we are providing innovative solutions to enterprises looking to gain HPC access without breaking their IT budgets.

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24x7x365 Available Services with Compliance

Managed Services

Our services are tailor-made so that end users only pay for the services they require, and can increase or decrease their tier based on business needs and demand.

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Monitoring Services

With standard quality and security procedures such as ISO, TOGAF, COBIT, etc. to create dynamic strategic enterprise Remote Infrastructure Management solutions, we lower the investment cost and enhances productivity.

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Products & Services

Datacenter & IT

At SBA we analyze the type of workload being run by your businesses & design a solution to be implemented either on-prem software-defined data center which runs a process locally or in the public cloud.

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Private, Public & Hybrid

Data Protection

We are brand neutral company, and based on your use case & preference, after evaluating the pros & cons, a suitable backup product is selected & proposed to you.

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Model with wide range of Coverage

OpEx Models

OpEx Model designed by our team of experts at SBA covers a wide range of expense types and help you choose whether to incur an operating expense or a capital expense.


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