Information Security Solutions

Protect every aspect of your business IT infrastructure with SBA Info’s Information Security Solutions.
Information security solutions are critical to every organization to protect their business information. Also, it helps in remedying the data breaches within set time to keep pace with regulations. Our comprehensive information security solutions provide complete visibility to organization’s security posture along with remediation.
Endpoint Protection

End Point Protection

Leverage SBA Info’s End Point Protection services to gain visibility to detect and respond to endpoint threats faster than ever.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

EDR solution provides you with the historical system level behavioral data; use analytical techniques to detect any suspicious change in system behavior; block malicious actions and provide you with remediation suggestions to restore affected business systems.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

XDR provide data visibility across networks, clouds, endpoints, and other business applications along with analytics and automation to detect, analyze, and remediate present and future threats. While EDR improves the malware detection capabilities over antivirus, XDR extends its range of EDR to incorporate more security solutions by using the latest technologies.


Protect IT systems and individual PCs/Laptops from malicious software, or any malware. SBA Info helps you choose the best-in-class Anti-malware solution that scan your systems to prevent, detect and remove any malware using signature & behavior-based approach and sandboxing.

Advance Threat Protection (ATP)

Advanced Threat Protection solution defends against various malware or attacks. ATP provides the insight that are needed to stop as well as respond to current advanced threats. Also, it gives the details to prioritize and verify the threats that are of concern.

Data Leakage Prevention

Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)

Protect and secure your data and comply with regulations with SBA Info’s DLP services.

End Point DLP

Our Endpoint DLP gives granular level of visibility about user interaction with data across endpoints and help to prevent, detect, and respond to incidents in real time. Now, identify and protect critical data on the endpoints without compromising users’ productivity.

Network DLP

Our Network DLPs stop the loss of business-critical information over network connections such as emails, web apps and various other data transfer mechanisms. This helps businesses to monitor and control multiple data flow over networks.

Cloud DLP

Our Cloud DLP offering helps to keep the business-critical information safe from cyber-attacks, threats, and accidental exposure of sensitive data. This solution gives visibility and protects critical data in any SaaS and IaaS applications.

Network Security

Network Security

Our network security offerings are built to give organizations a complete control over their applications, users, and data across networks.

Next Generation Firewall (NGF-W)

Apart from controlling the ports and IP addresses, Next Generation Firewall are application aware to provide maximum level of control over applications and mitigate risks. Our offering ensures the NGF-W solution has additional features like intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and threat prevention facilities like sandboxing.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

IPS technology always watch network for any malicious attempts trying to exploit a known vulnerability. Its main purpose is to identify suspicious movement and either detect & allow events or prevent if it is threat.

Network Access Control (NAC)

SBA Info’s NAC offering provides network visibility and access management by enforcing policy over usage of enterprises’ devices and corporate networks for users.