Managed Services

Opting for our managed services has an added advantage of security expertise and successfully enacted security policies. This is because we work with standards such as ISO, HIPAA and PCI compliance day in, day out, which place us in a position to steer your organization within the parameters and regulations it needs to adhere to.

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Unlike solution providers, our Managed services can employ the latest processes and software to proactively monitor endpoints, keeping systems up-to-date and prevent issues even before they arise. Our Managed IT services are available 24x7x365, allowing end users to take nights and weekends off, while the managed services do the heavy lifting on tasks and processes done after hours. Our Managed services resolve issues efficiently.

Our services are tailor made so that end users only pay for the services they require, and can increase or decrease their tier based on business needs and demand.

Our services include functions like utilities for off-site, such as help desk solutions, backup and disaster recovery, and remote monitoring and management. We consider Managed IT services as an essential operating expense to maintain core functionality, rather than additional expenses. SBA enable their end users to run their businesses more smoothly and more efficiently than they would otherwise.

We assure mitigation of any risk while ensuring that our team in charge of your IT operations are always up to date on the latest information, technologies and processes that will keep your business work efficiently and successfully reaping profits.