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Accelerate Data Center and Cloud Transformation

Evolution of technologies makes IT needs complex! We, at SBA Info Solutions offer a comprehensive suite of modern data center infrastructure solutions, with a combination of advanced technologies & tools to support any applications and infrastructure while covering the stringent security policies. We accelerate your data center & cloud transformation thereby enabling you to achieve the full potential of your data and applications.

Modernize your data center

Data Center Modernization

Eliminate silos in IT infrastructure & transform to capitalize on scalability, resilience, and high performance of private and hybrid clouds by managing a single entity while achieving cloud-like capabilities from a data center.
Software-defined: Software-defined approach lets IT professionals easily manage physical infrastructure using templates and programmable APIs to automate infra configuration and operations. Software-defined data center (SDDC) is the rising trend in infrastructure modernization along the line of virtualization, containers, and cloud services.
Hyper Converged: Get the agility of public cloud infrastructure and security benefits of in-house hosting with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure. It incorporates a software-defined approach for compute, storage, and virtualized networking with simplified management, linear scalability, and agility of cloud.
IBM Linux One: Get the agility of public cloud infrastructure and security benefits of in-house hosting with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure. It incorporates a software-defined approach for compute, storage, and virtualized networking with simplified management, linear scalability, and agility of cloud. Our ready-to-deploy hyper-converged infrastructure solutions let you create products/apps that can support multiple workloads, enabling security, flexibility, and manageability at scale across the span of your IT environment with cost-effectiveness and less complexity.
Unified Digital Workspace gives a holistic view of the end-user experience by consolidating all application and database systems into a single platform thereby delivering more efficient user experience. Our highly intuitive digital workspace platform enables you to work from anywhere across any device and is easily manageable with a minimum level of expertise to keep up with evolving times.

Hybrid and Multi Cloud

Hybrid cloud infrastructure enables to consume cloud resources consistently across multiple clouds. It gives easy access to virtually unlimited choice of public & private cloud data services that can meet the needs of any workloads/applications. With the hybrid multi-cloud experience, organizations can pick any service from any cloud which gives advantage of effortless consumption, automation, APIs, and infrastructure independence. Our dedicated team of certified cloud & solution experts understand your business needs and offer Hybrid Multi-Cloud management solutions to give end-to-end visibility of your IT environment.
Cost Optimization: Our experts provide you with business insights with granular details on multi-cloud infrastructure utilization with which organizations can identify cost drivers & optimize business decisions of cloud practice.
Single Pane Management: We offer a single pane management platform that gives easy access to unlimited resources offered by multiple cloud vendors in the market.
Workload Migration: Workload Lift & Shift to the cloud especially in hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure needs expert guidance & support to realize its true value. Migrate successfully with our workload migration services to migrate, manage, and secure hybrid/multi-cloud environments with workload portability.
SBA's Hybrid and Multi Cloud

Anything as a Service

XaaS – Anything as a Service

Gain competitive edge with on-demand IT infrastructure whenever you need. With XaaS, experience agile, scalable, and affordable cloud services with the ability to control multiple cloud environments with effective resource sharing. Our Anything as a Service models that includes,
Software as a Service (SaaS): Get your app hosted and access it over the internet from anywhere, anytime, using any device.
Platform as a Service (PaaS): Focus on building & deploying applications with readily available OS and databases at scale in the cloud.
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Get flexible and cost-efficient cloud-hosted IT infrastructure components with accompanying services in pay-as-you-use models.
Storage as a Service (SaaS): Get low-cost elastic storage (object-based, file, and block storage)that can be scaled up or down based on usage.
Database as a Service (DBaaS): Access & use 24/7 available secured cloud database system without taking ownership of database software or management.
Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS): Back up data and infrastructure in the cloud with all disaster recovery compositions through an as-a-service model

Business Continuity Planning

Resilient Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (DR) plan becomes a vital part of risk management strategy for all enterprises. Get a reliable Business Continuity Planning (BCP) that keeps your business on its feet at any instance. SBA Info offers expert advisory and implementation services to facilitate clear, resilient, and cost-effective backup and disaster recovery solutions. In conjunction with Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) values, organizations can choose an optimal cloud backup & disaster recovery plan according to their needs.
Backup (BU): Secure critical data and applications with our on-prem & cloud backup services and gain confidence in your data safety. We provide efficient, effective, and stress-free backups with best-in-class data backup services that ensure continuous business operation.
Disaster Recovery (DR): Our DR consulting and planning services aims to protect the critical data & IT infrastructure while ensuring faster recovery in the event of a disaster. We understand business needs and offer appropriate scalable disaster recovery solutions. We offer data backup, 24/7 Monitoring and perform testing on DR plans to ensure reliability and readiness of the plan when a disaster occurs.
Business Continuity Planning

Application Modernization

Application Modernization

We provide services across the pillars of app modernization to achieve unparalleled time to market, resilience, responsiveness, and operational efficiency. Our VMware Tanzu, Kubernetes, OpenShift, and Cloud enablement services help modernize legacy applications.
Red Hat OpenShift: Increase productivity and agility by modernizing monolithic legacy applications with Red Hat OpenShift. We help accelerate the process of moving legacy applications into cloud-native architecture and enable organizations to take full advantage of OpenShift.
Containerization: Application Containerization has significant benefits - built-in high availability, DR, security, and efficient communication models. We help organizations develop & implement application containerization strategies by understanding the evolving technologies by leveraging our deep expertise & experience.
VMware Tanzu: VMware Tanzu lets you deploy applications faster on any infrastructure. Simplify infrastructure, modernize existing applications, adopt Kubernetes at scale and improve developer experience with VMware Tanzu. With our expertise in VMware Tanzu, we help organizations to accelerate their capability to build, deploy & scale applications, and enabling continuous delivery.
Kubernetes: Our application modernization services eliminate the code dependencies and let organizations build & deploy faster in any Kubernetes-based private, public or hybrid cloud environment. We help you modernize legacy applications into microservices-based architecture that can scale production & business agility for Kubernetes cloud-native infrastructure.