Development Automation

Development Automation

Reimagine your IT infrastructure to meet your business’s increasing demands - all while ensuring the highest levels of security.

Reimagine your IT infrastructure to meet your business’s increasing demands - all while ensuring the highest levels of security.

How can DevOps help your business?

Partnership and trust

Culture is the reason behind the success of DevOps. Having a culture of shared responsibility, faster feedback and transparency is the foundation of every high performing DevOps team.

Teams that are isolated from each other in a long chain of the delivery line often don't consider the 'systems thinking' of DevOps. 'Systems thinking' is having a holistic view of how one's actions not only affect their team, but also other teams involved in the release process. Lack of a far-sighted vision and shared goals leads to a lack of dependency planning, finger-pointing, misaligned priorities and 'not our problem' mentality, resulting in slower production rate and substandard quality. DevOps is that change in the way we look at the development process and breaking down the barrier between Dev and Ops.

Release faster and work smarter

Speed is the need of the hour. The release to the production cycle is hindered by poor automated testing procedures and delayed response time which kills velocity and team confidence. DevOps Teams release at a higher rate, with better quality and stability. Disparate tools and processes increase OPEX, leading to context switching, and slow down momentum. Through DevOps and standardized tools and practices, we help you increase productivity and release more frequently.

Fastest finger first

Our DevOps is structured to have the fastest feedback loop which in turn helps your business to thrive. Full transparency and seamless communication enables our DevOps practices to minimize downtime and resolve issues faster every time.

We are Better at managing unplanned work

Unplanned work is a hard truth that every team has to face and this is the main reason that impacts team productivity the most. With established processes and clear prioritization, the Dev and Ops teams at SBA can better manage unplanned work while continuing to focus on planned work.

DevSecOps & SBA

What's DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is a procedure that embeds security into every step of a software development life cycle. This is a healthy approach as it offers benefits, such as reduced costs and faster delivery of software that is secure as security problems are dealt with as and when they arise. DevSecOps is designed to integrate security throughout DevOps workflows in a way that is perceivable to developers. DevSecOps emphasis on the fact that "everyone is responsible for security".

How do we handle?

We at SBA operate and contribute value with less friction by practicing Security as Code. We have learned that there is simply a better way for security practitioners, by quickly fostering innovation to ensure data security and privacy.

We strive to create valuable products and services to our customers by developing security as code, which provides insights directly to developers, and generally use iteration values over hot and try method to always come up with the best answer before a deployment.

Our Approach doesn't rely on scanners and reports to make code better. We attack products and services like an outsider to help you defend what you've created. We learn from the loopholes, look for weaknesses, and work along with you to provide remediation actions before a problem arises.

Our team at SBA does not wait for our client's organizations to fall victim to mistakes and attackers. We keep a track of our findings and what is already known; and will look for anomalies yet to be detected.