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Tailor-made solutions for present days’ sheer demand of computing resource requirement's which can be provisioned on-demand and released with minimal management effort is what SBA’s expertise is known for in the market.

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As we swing from one technology to another, day by day in a constant quest of attaining the utmost efficiency in work done, there has been vertical that has enjoyed extraordinary growth through the last few years. A famous quote says, "Technology must be like oxygen, ubiquitous, necessary and invisible". This is exactly what virtualization sounds in today’s IT industry.

It has become an indispensable part and an IT industry without it could be put in perspective with a family sedan participating in an F1 race. Virtualization helps companies run a business on a software layer called the hypervisor to emulate the underlying hardware. It removes the burden of maintenance out of the liability list. It also eliminates the dependency on hardware thus making virtualization one of the top solutions for today’s infrastructure needs. The concept of virtualization has outspread into data, networks, applications, and desktops.

Network Virtualization

We find ourselves at times in situations wherein we would want the best out of both worlds. Many at times it ends up in vain. But when it comes to SBA’s Network Virtualization The ultimate charm of virtualization is achieved when we can combine software and hardware network components into software managerial form.

This helps Network admins in Understanding the complex infrastructure, by differentiating it into practicable parts and then mapping the same into a software thus increasing operational efficiency and agility to a greater extent than ever achieved. Adding to this, reconfiguring the network logically on the go without any need to touch a single cable or device and the ability to be managed remotely makes Network virtualization a real game-changer in the field of IT networking. Swift provisioning of the virtual network in addition to troubleshooting, cloning, and monitoring, makes SBA’s services one of a kind in the market.

Network Virtualization from SBA Info solutions

Storage Virtualization

Reading between the lines one would probably get an idea about the quote: "What gets measured, gets managed. But what is the case when it is about data and it is beyond measurable limits?" The ceaseless demand for storage space every second, generated by today’s business would force companies to hit rock bottom instantly if it were to be managed by using physical computers.

One absolute solution for high performance-oriented storage requirements which can be devised and scaled as per requirements at short notice Is Storage virtualization. It also comes packed with features like protection against data damage due to hardware failure SBA has an upper hand among industry leaders in designing storage solutions for clients as it stringently adheres to design policies.

Storage Virtualization Solution from SBA Info solutions

Server Virtualization

The ability to create a virtual version of a server (rather than the physical one being present at the site of usage) comes with a whole lot of possibilities and benefits for an IT industry. A few of them could be listed as Virtualization being green (in terms of energy consumption), End-User Manageability and Security, Disaster Recovery and High Availability.

Virtualization Reduces IT Operations Costs and Increases IT Operational Flexibility along with Increases in Business Agility. There are mainly 3 types of server virtualization: operating system virtualization (also known as containers); hardware emulation; and paravirtualization, which is designed to deliver a lighter weight (in terms of application size), higher performance approach to virtualization.

SBA’s precise and tested methods of implementing server virtualization not only promises improved business performance but also assures high uptime and reduced data footprint.

Server Virtualization Solution from SBA Info solutions

Desktop Virtualization

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just log in to a central machine at your office and manage all your office IT needs? Well yes! It would greatly ease the work of Admins in updating system security features and patches. In desktop virtualization, a user’s entire PC runs on a server, with the visual display unit output to a client device. The edge that this approach has is that it’s easier to keep client systems updated with patches. This is because instead of managing individual systems that are located throughout the company, IT groups can manage them from a centralized location.

We at SBA are a unique blend of technology providers and business understanding professionals, which would aid in designing your virtual desktop infrastructure that is specific to your business vertical. VDI also has other advantages such as having a centralized desktop that you could access anywhere from the network and yet be secured as the data is centrally hosted in a data center.

Desktop Virtualization from SBA Info solutions

Application Virtualization

Every industry has its own needs. The ability to understand a client as closely as an associate working within them is what makes SBA’s approach in designing and delivering infrastructure solutions a unique one. One such achievement was a solution provided for a design and VFX studio, who had to invest on expensive hardware for every desktop assigned to a designer.

That is where SBA suggested about Application Virtualization techniques wherein they could install the resource crunching applications on a centralized system and share them among employees as and when required. This would work as seamlessly as installing an application locally without needing much of a hardware backend for every local machine. At SBA we understand your world.

Application Virtualization from SBA Info solutions

Secured IT Infrastructure

Does the constant fear of the unknown hacker concern you about your business data being jeopardized? IT Infrastructure security deals with a set of systems (a combination of software and hardware) designed to protect business data by covering all possibilities of infiltration. At SBA we design excellent security strategies that consist of multiple layers of protection wherein the firewall is typically the first line of defense which would prevent any unauthorized access to the computer systems it is configured to protect. Our IT Infra Security Solutions scope include,

  • Data Center protection
  • Endpoint Security (EPS)
  • Data & Network protection (Firewall & IPS)
  • Email & Web Security (DLP & SIEM)
  • Risk Mitigation & Compliance
  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
  • Identity Access Management (IAM)
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Site Scrapping prevention
Secured IT Infrastructure Solution from SBA Info solutions

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