Datacenter IT

At SBA we analyze the type of workload being run by your businesses & design a solution to be implemented either on-prem software-defined data center which runs process locally or in the public cloud.

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We have created a legacy and are pioneers in providing Datacenter solutions including products and services needed to create and maintain a data center. Our range of Products includes IT-related equipment like servers, routers, networking switches, storage systems, and firewalls. We also provide the supporting infrastructure required for data centers such as racking, thermal & environmental management systems (both traditional & using smart row cooling), UPS & batteries for power back up, generators for a standby and datacenter network cabling required for the same. Our services don't stop there but extend to design, implementation, configuration, and support.

Our Services division (Professional & managed services) compliment the datacenter IT in terms of implementation & on-going support.