Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Power 10

Modernizing infrastructure with Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Power
Modern businesses want to be agile and are constantly adapting their IT needs deliver on customer expectations and business demands. Cloud can help but a 'one-cloud-fits-all' approach doesn't work. IBM and Red Hat's hybrid multi-cloud strategy enables the flexibility for deploying and working across private, public and multi-cloud environments.
Watch this demo where Joe Cropper, IBM Master Inventor, STSM, IBM Power Hybrid Cloud Platform, will walk you through how IBM Power can help you: modernize your applications; consistently manage resources across your hybrid cloud; observe and optimize applications and infrastructure; and automate at enterprise scale.
Download the guide to discover 4 actions your organization can take to modernize its applications, including taking steps such as: assessing your current applications, modernizing incrementally, embracing a devOps culture across teams, and enhancing heritage applications and enabling automation. Discover how you can get started today.
The IBM IT Economics team found that Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) running on IBM® Power Systems reduces the cost per transaction in a three-year TCO model by 53% versus compared x86 servers1. Learn more about the cost advantages of running Red Hat OpenShift on Power Systems.

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