RedHat on IBM Power

Modernizing apps and building your hybrid cloud platform with Red Hat on IBM Power
The Key To Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Strategy
For a 2nd consecutive year, Forrester interviewed 384 IT leaders across the world to understand the factors those leaders are considering to implement IT infrastructure hybrid cloud strategies. The key findings are about the importance Of On-Premises Infrastructure For A Future-Ready Hybrid Cloud Strategy.
IBM Power servers run your enterprise’s most critical applications where there is no room for unnecessary risk. This guide describes the best practices for building modern applications on IBM Power in an incremental, safe and economically sound manner.
10 Reasons Why IBM Power10 Is the Trusted Foundation for Modernization
Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM® Power® empowers organizations to accelerate digital transformation with scalability and added security across the hybrid cloud through a secure and resilient foundation for cloud-native development on IBM Power.

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