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Datawarehouse on HCI

Client segment – BFSI

Client organization type – A leading private Indian bank

Client requirements – Infrastructure for datawarehouse applications | application based on opensource (Greenplum) | storage has to scale a lot | limited rack space

Our pre-sales support – Sizing the most economical model that fits this project’s budget

Components involved – Vmware vSphere for hypervisor & vSAN for SDS, HPE server hardware

Solution / Implementation

Configured servers, hypervisors & the software defined storage | Implemented failover mechanisms | migrated their workload

Value to client IT

Ease of management | HCI reduces any fork-lift migrations in future expansions or generation changes

Business Value to client

Agility to line of business managers | Minimised unplanned downtime so more productivity to business | Quick ROI achieved with HCI | Ability to scale out as with minimal downtime as you grow | 50% savings in rack space, hence reduce colo costs

What our customers say?

  • Mr.P.V.Jayaprakash, DGM - Systems, Head - IT Infrastructure and Production, L&T Construction
  • Mr.Suresh Subramaniam, Vice President - Development & Operations, NTrust, Chennai.
  • Mr.G.R.Mahajan, DGM (Systems), Lee & Muir Head, Mumbai.
  • Mr.K.Balamurugan, Asst General Manager, L&T Shipbuilding Ltd, Chennai.
It is been a pleasure working with SBA Info Solutions, our association with them is from the year 2001. We have seen that they were customer centric and have also grown with technology and solutions have updated themselves to meet our expectations in the areas of Data Center & Enterprise IT Infrastructure, Solutions & Related Services. Today they are more solution based rather than product or device selling, in the new avatar of SBA. Wish them All the BEST!