SBA Info Supports a Leading Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Services Provider with HCI Solution

SBA Info Supports a Leading Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Services Provider with HCI Solution

The Client

Our customer is a leading provider of revenue cycle management services to healthcare providers and intermediaries based in Dallas, TX. They provide business process outsourcing and applications services, and robotic process automation tools to healthcare providers, payers, and related service providers. Our client delivers globally with 15+ centres across the US, India, and the Philippines. They support 300,000+ physicians and are focused on transforming the clinical, financial, and operational performance of their customers.

Business Challenges

Our has a legacy 3 tier architecture with server-storage-hypervisor which was not aligned with their growing business demands and scalability requirements. They were looking for an infrastructure that can seamlessly grow and be highly resilient to failures.
Our customer wished to have an infrastructure that is completely manageable through an agile dashboard console like managing an hyperscale cloud solution.

The Solution

After performing a complete sizing analysis on the existing infra, we understood the characteristics of customer workloads and provided a high-performing &cost-competitive solution that best fit their business requirements.
Our proposed Nutanix HCI solution with hybrid storage architecture is designed in a way that high I/O intensive workloads are always pinned to flash storage. The workloads with low I/O requirements were placed on hybrid storage and thus effectively balances the customer’sfinancial plan. In order to meet the regulatory and compliance requirements (HIPAA & HITRUST) of the highly regulated healthcare industry, SBA incorporated online encryptionto fully encrypt data that are atrest.

Tools/Products Used

Nutanix HCI solution


Our customer achieved numerous benefits out of the proposed HCI solution. Some of them include,
  • Enabled seamless infra management with capacity insights & planning for future growth
  • High uptime, availability, and scalability
  • Simplicity in managing traditional complex infrastructure tasks via one-click operations
  • Free up IT resources to focus on important initiatives and innovation
  • Fastest time-to-value with 8x in buying, deploying, and managing for realizing quicker ROI
  • Reduced 35% of space and power savings
  • Reduced 20-30% of resource utilization