SBA Info Supports Leading Global Analytics Provider with ARCON’s Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solution

SBA Info Supports Leading Global Analytics Provider with ARCON’s Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solution

The Client

Our customer is a leading global analytics and decision sciences provider. They deliver solutions to support and drive digital transformation with the help of data to achieve a competitive advantage. With analytics solutions providing a holistic view on digital data that can fuel ML capabilities and boost AI initiatives., our customer enables leading global companies to forecast service/product trends and optimize investment decisions. They help turn unstructured data into a valuable business asset that can provide insights to finetune business processes. Our customer is a being a trusted partner to enterprises worldwide organizations, including Fortune 500 companies in the retail, CPG, financial, technology, and healthcare sectors.

Business Challenges

As our customer deals with a huge amount of structured/ unstructured data, they need to adhere to regulations and guidelines of various industries. Gaining visibility regarding who is logging in and who has admin login credentials, basically who is accessing what data/file/app is critical and essential. Our client wanted us to track and manage the log details of users who are accessing business-critical devices and applications. Along with login details, the client wished to keep track of the changes made to business-critical devices/ applications by which user and when.

The Solution

After understanding the client’s business landscape and the types of data they deal with, we have suggested the best solution with an appropriate mix of products that can suit their heterogeneous environment. We have demonstrated the capabilities of the proposed solution with use cases to give an idea of how the actual solution will work.
ARCON’s Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a highly effective solution that helps in managing, controlling, and monitoring privileged user activities. This solution provides the IT security team with a centralized policy framework to authorize privileges based on roles and responsibilities ensuring rule-based restricted access to target systems. We have customized the solution according to the client’s business environment and successfully implemented it.


Following were the significant benefits achieved by the client through the proposed solution,
  • One Admin control gave the ability to manage and have control over admin logs and credentials
  • Gained ability to track & manage user logs for business-critical devices/applications and databases
  • Better workflow management with the easy approval process for admins and privileged users
  • Behavior analytics uses historic user log data and predicts the unusual log in attempts and prompts the admin
  • Auto-discovery gives the details of shared accounts, software/service accounts across the IT infrastructure
  • Ability to track & manage the changes made to business-critical devices & applications by whom & when through the session and smart session monitoring