A Leading Non-Banking Financial Company Trusts SBA Info to Protect and Manage their End Point

A Leading Non-Banking Financial Company Trusts
SBA Info to Protect and Manage their End Point

The Client

Founded in 2008, our customer is aimed to maximize the financial well-being of individuals and enterprises based out of remote rural areas of India. They work to achieve this goal by setting up a network of branches in remote rural areas that offer a range of financial products to its customers. They currently operate in the states of Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Jharkhand & Chhattisgarh, serving individual customers and enterprises in remote rural areas.

The Business Need

Our client’s headquarters and branches are positioned across the different states of India to meet their business objective. As the demand for remote workforce capabilities increased day by day, our customer wanted,
  • To protect and manage their corporate/ employees’ PCs, tablets, and other user productivity devices
  • To have a complete control on the endpoint in terms software and other applications installed on them
  • To ensure their employees have secured endpoint devices in terms of proper Antimalware and Vulnerability management in place
  • To make sure their endpoint security automatically comply with standards and regulations, as dictated by the regulatory body

The Solution

With SBA Info’s proven domain knowledge and expertise in cloud end-point services, we helped the customer with the following solution.
  • Implemented centralized device management system to ensure complete visibility and control over all devices in the network
  • Created a patch management process and deployed automated patch management for the endpoints as per the process
  • Designed, configured, and deployed endpoint antimalware protection and device control
  • Implemented real-time reporting to provide and visibility and control of their security status. This enabled continuous security monitoring to check security threats and resolve issues in real-time
  • Aligned endpoint configurations according to compliance standards and regulatory mandates
  • Installed and executed necessary process and systems in place that measures the effectiveness of security controls and demonstrate compliance with regulations

Tools Used

  • Trend Micro Worryfree for Anti-Malware
  • ManageEngine Desktop Central - End Point Management


SBA Info’s cloud-based endpoint management and protection services helped the client to:
  • Increase, manage and monitor the productivity of end-users
  • Increase security posture
  • Achieve endpoint compliance without much administrative burden and end-user inconvenience
  • Achieve continuous monitoring & mitigation capabilities to leverage existing IT infrastructure investments