Recover from cyber-attacks in hours, not days, with IBM FlashSystem

Recover from cyber-attacks in hours, not days, with IBM FlashSystem
Businesses of all sizes are facing pressure to optimise IT and address digital transformation. Storage is at the heart of these initiatives: 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day, and new applications and workloads require fast access to large volumes of data, with enterprise reliability.
But given the rapid rise of ransomware and other kinds of cyberattack, you can’t afford to sacrifice security when addressing your challenges. IBM security experts predict we’ll see more triple extortion ransomware attacks in 2022, where an attack experienced by one business becomes an extortion threat for its partners.
With the new FlashSystem family of enterprise storage, you can find a solution that fits your budget and get the security you need across your organisation.

Even more trusted

IBM FlashSystem was already the most trusted data platform. Now it has redefined cyber resilience, so you can:
  • Recover in hours not days – with flash storage backup solutions that help speed recovery from cyberattacks, ensuring continuity of operations by protecting your data.
  • Detect attacks early to minimise damage – with IBM FlashSystem Cyber Vault, which automatically scans your backups to detect data corruption that could have been introduced by malware or ransomware. It can also identify data that hasn’t been compromised, which you can use to recover even faster.
  • Create immutable, isolated backups – with IBM Safeguarded Copy, which helps protect against cyberattacks, malware, acts of disgruntled employees, and other data corruption.
And because Safeguarded Copy snapshots are stored alongside your operational data, you can recover faster than when restoring from traditional backups on other systems.

Leading efficiency and performance

That’s all in addition to industry-leading performance and cost-efficiencies at the core, whichever model you choose.
IBM FlashSystem 5015 brings enterprise-class features, performance and service to budget-conscious organisations, with microsecond latency and the six nines (99.9999%) reliability you expect from IBM. With scalability up to 12 petabytes, hybrid cloud readiness, it’s an investment that could give you a competitive edge now and grow with your business for a long time.
And it's not just the price that could be attractive to smaller businesses. FlashSystem 5035 is efficient at the core, with built-in enterprise data compression and deduplication that take your investment further.
You can also use IBM Storage as-a-Service, powered by IBM FlashSystem hardware, to pay only for what you use and gain the agility of cloud-like services.

Blazing fast data

At the bigger end of the line-up, IBM FlashSystem 7300 delivers blazing fast data with up to 45 GB/s bandwidth on a single system, the ultra-low latency of storage class memory (SCM), and support for up to 368 SAS drives per enclosure.
FlashSystem 7300 also leverages AI to optimize storage management and streamline issue resolution.

Improve cyber resilience and much more

Whichever member of the FlashSystem fits your needs, you’ll benefit from improved cyber resilience that could be the difference between recovering quickly from a cyberattack or being knocked out by it.
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