Software-defined approach – Defining the Future

The software-defined approach is described as a decoupling of software from specific hardware platforms which gives more programmability to the IT infrastructure. As business process frequently changes in response to the market turbulences, the organization goes through process transformations. With

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Top 3 Reasons to Consider Next-Gen Antivirus

The ever evolving cyberattack landscape mandates enterprises of every size to rethink their cyber security strategy to better future proof and tackle cyber risks. To stay ahead of the more sophisticated cyberattacks, enterprises need an advanced security solution to protect

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Business Continuity Planning: A Change in Approach Amid COVID-19

Amongst the various operational, technical, and organizational challenges emerged by the global COVID-19 pandemic, challenges in managing    business resiliency have bubbled to the surface followed by an increase in remote work culture. The new normal of remote workforce has created

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